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Neither of us has anything to gloss over; Desireless is He and I too desire nothing, He is spotlessly pure and so am I; I have no existence apart from Him, for He alone is;

Guru Arjan Dev Ji


Mystical Journey II

Close the critical eyes of the flesh, and open the mystic eye within
Shamas Tabrez (Hinduism)

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You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop
Maulana Rumi (Sufism)

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Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him
Jhon, Salms 2:12 (Christianism)

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Divine Signs

Clean the chamber of your heart to your Beloved can come and dwell there
Tulsi Sahib (Sant Mat)

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Are Not the Stones

Neither on temples, nor in mosques, nor in churches, you can find God, more than within
Vivologia´s Blog

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Magical Garden

Inside each one of us is a beautiful flower garden. This is the garden of the soul
Sri Chinmoy

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The Side of the Road

Others can rule over states and countries; but my kingdom is from the heart
Darshan Singh (Sant Mat)

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The 5 Elements

From the unreal lead me to the real, from darkness lead me to the light and from death lead me to immortality
Upanishad (Hinduism)

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Sustaining Harmony

Is thanks to His sweet sacred voice that our soul is lost in ecstasy and is complete surrender to Him
Saint Therese of Avila (Christianism)

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The world that you see is the way of Lord; contemplate in all His forms
Gurbani (Sikhism)

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Remnants of Time

From the beginning of the time until the ending of time, there is love between Thee and me
Kabir Sahib (Sikhism - Sant Mat)

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Dreams of the Sea

What is the meaning of life if I have not known love?
Baba Farid (Sufism and Hinduism)

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Deathless is He and I have nothing to fear, He being Immortal, I have not to wail; He is not poor and I have no want; He being above sorrow and pain, I too have none; besides Him there is no destroyer, He and I live eternally; when He is free, there is nothing to bind me; both of us are above the stage of bondage; He being Immaculate, I too have no stain; He being within me, what taint can I have?

Committed to the deployment of human being inner expression, Alejandro Martinez Gomez is a versatile composer and improviser on piano, which inspires many emotions and evokes many moods, bringing audiences to the intimate connection with their self and the renewal of their consciousness.

From classical structures, oriental roots and latin touches, he creates surrounding dynamics with various harmonies and versatile rhythms and melodies, which bring a multicultural color to his interpretations with a unique and sublime character.

His musical inspiration comes from the resonance that vibrates in the very essence of all creation, which can give rise to the individuality of the sound, and to subtle heart openings, which brings the audiences to almost mystical emotional journeys, to match them and link closely with the moment they are experience.

Music to Inspire Emotions

The music of Almamusic, creates deep emotional states linked to what might be called "the inner Source of all creation", helping to inspire encouragement, relaxation, concentration, creativity, or love. Choose an emotion of the images and listen the music you are looking for.

If you are an art, film, digital, or media producer, or a therapist, which requires a background sound that encourages a pure emotional expression, WE CREATE WHAT YOU NEED. Contact us now!

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Online course for piano improvisation

"Art brings us to the deeper truths, by the simplest way". Albert Einstein

To learn how to play improvisational piano in an easy, quick and beautiful way, just believe that you can do it and dare to know a simple method that will help you to relax your mind, harmonize your spirit and awake your inner potential. The science has demonstrated that in every particle of creation, even within, there are by nature reverberating music. Play improvisational piano learning to canalize this universal music, while develop your creativity and nourish all your being.

Almamusic offers this program through the virtual classroom of the Human Development Academy (ADH) and it has the support of Vivology Program.

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